Games To Encourage Thinking Skills

There is no doubt about it, using computer games is a great way to encourage children to expand their realm of thinking. Your options for entertaining your child may seem numbered. Many people allow their children to spend quite a bit of time in front of the television. But, what good does that do? If you want them to learn something while they are zoned out, you are completely lost. But, if you flip on the computer, download a great game, you may actually be able to encourage them to learn more and you will encourage good thinking skills as well.Thinking is not something that everyone can do well. Now, we are referring here to the thought process that goes along with solving problems. For many children, this is something they struggle with. Mom or Dad always takes care of the problems. If something isn’t right, just call mom or dad. Even on the television, that is full of real life and imaginary “problems” that need to be solved, there is no encouragement for children to come up with the solution. What happens then? They just sit and watch and let someone else handle the problem.But, what happens when they are older or in a situation where they have to solve the problem at hand? Do they know how to analyze their thoughts, ideas, and to find the right solution? Many don’t. But, if you would like your child to be the one who does know how to flip the switch on and solve the problem, consider allowing them to sit in front of the computer as opposed to the television.Okay, so too much time in front of the computer isn’t much better, but there are ways to you make what time you do allow them to sit at the computer to be good times. This is you simply need to maximize what they are doing. There are several good games out there that can be used to stimulate thinking in children. For many people, this is the perfect way to go to encourage children to learn how to solve problems without letting them in on it! Yes, because games are fun, the child will not fight you on playing them. Much unlike a lesson plan, this way seems to encourage children to come back to the game time and time again, therefore getting the experiences they need to learn a thing or two.But, what are these games? What are the options that are out there for your child? There are many games, and although we will only talk about a few here, find ones that will work well with your child. What are his or her likes and dislikes? Sports? Television characters? Perhaps they enjoy space or under water adventures. Search out those games that will intrigue them as well as encourage them to think.Some to consider include Big Thinkers Kindergarten and the series of Freddi Fish Adventures as well as many other games specifically for children. These are mainly for younger children, but you’ll find many more for older children as well. In fact, consider giving your older kids more puzzle related games to help them along this course as well.When you give your child the gift of being a problem solver, they will work through the situations that happen to them, big and small, without fear of not knowing how to handle them. They will be more likely to do well in the real world then. What’s more is that you can feel good about all that time they spend in front of the tube (even though it’s the computer not the television!)

Mind’s Eye – Secrets of the Forgotten Game Review

Watch a crime scene turn into something far more sinister in Mind’s Eye: Secrets of the Forgotten. Follow Gabrielle, an enterprising journalist who stumbles on the story of her lifetime when she smells murderous intent behind what everyone assumes was a suicide. Help her participate in scientific experiments on the subconscious as she tries to solve this surreal mystery.Gabrielle is a journalist who happened to be in the right place at the right time when the mayor is found dead from an apparent suicide. As she and her cameraman partner Roland report on the incident, they discover there’s more to this mystery than meets the eye. There might have been foul play involved, and murder is on the cards. And it all seems to tie in with a mysterious concert that is currently playing in town.Their investigations lead them to a girl who seems to be suffering from some kind of mental distress, and who happened to have attended the same mysterious concert. A scientist suggests that they can help the girl by entering her mind to help her sort things out. Gabrielle volunteers for this but soon finds herself in over her head. And there’s the issue of her recurring nightmares and a creepy character from her past coming back to haunt her…Mind’s Eye: Secrets of the Forgotten is a great interactive hidden object game that moves from a crime mystery case into a more surreal supernatural adventure. The story is quite unique and strong, though at times things seem to move too fast for the player to get really involved and attached to the characters and the story.The artwork in the game complements the story very well too. The overall feel is very comic book-like with cartoony characters and splashes of crime noir backdrops. And when the story progressed to its darker and supernatural side with all the adventures in people’s minds, the artwork really exudes the creepiness and unease that brings the story to another level. The haunting soundtrack also supports the game and story very well.The game play in Mind’s Eye: Secrets of the Forgotten is very much an interactive hidden object game with plenty of hidden object scenes and mini-puzzles. The hidden object scenes have the same noir and creepy feel that was mentioned earlier. There is also great creative reuse of scenes to keep each chapter of the game feeling fresh. For example, there is an abandoned subway station scene with the flickering light bulb and the crime scene feel. Then later on, when Gabrielle is exploring the mind of a person who has a fear of sea creatures, the subway station scene turns into an underwater nightmare with creepy sea creatures moving around between pillars and through the subway tunnels.The hidden object puzzles in this game also have an interesting 3D concept to it (everything seems to be going 3D now!). You can scroll left and right in each scene, and the different layers of foreground and background will move as the perspective changes. This interesting gimmick allows objects to come into and go out of sight, for example an item hidden behind a pillar will only be visible if you move around the pillar.Another interesting concept introduced with this side-scrolling idea is having parts of an object combine when you are looking at them at the right angle. For instance, a knife blade might be hidden in the foreground and the hilt might be way off to the left in the background. But when you scroll to the right angle, they come together and overlap perfectly, allowing you to grab the whole knife. The game also includes a fair few mini-puzzles that provide nice breaks when the hidden object searching becomes tiresome.Mind’s Eye: Secrets of the Forgotten is a great game that brings a strong and interesting story that will definitely entertain. There are new concepts that make this game stand out from other games in this genre, and together with the great artwork are able to turn this into a nice entertainment package.Rating: 4.0/5.0You can read more about Mind’s Eye: Secrets of the Forgotten at

Promoting Your Classic Arcade Games Website

Online gaming is a popular past time for many people online nowadays. It is a means of allowing people to play classic arcade games from early formats such as Nintendo and Sega in nice easy to play flash games. There are now many sites appearing on the internet which provide the ability to play these and normally the sites are called online arcades. Setting up an arcade is an easy task and can be quite lucrative, but the difficulty comes when you want it to stand out from the rest of the sites on the internet.Adjusting your site to help it appear more organised to players and more searchable by the search engines will give you the edge needed to make it stand out. Initially, the best way to make sure your site is going to be good for the players experience is to get a friend or family member to go to the site and try and play a game. If this causes them an issue then you are going to find that real visitors to your site will not attempt to try and work it, but instead go on to another site. This is one of the first rules, it must be quick, easy to navigate and simple to use.Speaking of navigation, making sure that it is easy to find your way around the site is also important. Is there a search field on the home page. Can you browse to the game you want to play easily? Are there related games that may be of interest to players when they have completed a game? The main reason for all of these tasks is to keep people on the site and playing other games. What about if a player enjoys a game, can they tell friends about it or rate the game? Never under estimate the power of word of mouth marketing. It is the best type of marketing going! Think about having a plug to Facebook or Twitter. Maybe even get the option to log in with a Facebook profile when joining the site to make registration easy to do.Organising games in to genres will keep things in order and all types of games together. Keeping all kids games together, classic arcade games and puzzles all separate will help make the site organised and help the search engines send search results to the relevant pages and categories.Finally, the main promotion is to tell people about your site, but you only want to tell people who are interested in the online flash games community about a site relating your arcade games. Therefore it is recommended to submit your site to a flash games directory and this will reach out to the relevant types of people and hopefully drive visitors to your site. Keep your entries in the directories relevant to your topic and only link to the relevant pages. There is no point linking a puzzle game to an arcade game based category. Tell the right people and you will see more activity on your games.